“These guys are great. Best quality router bits for price. And that’s just the start. This place is full of bargains. The people on staff are down to earth and willing to help”.

Susanne Hoffmann

“Idaho Tool and Equipment was the only store in town that had what I was looking for. Neither Home Depot nor Harbor Freight had a round sanding pad to use with a drill. The young man who assisted me knew exactly what I was looking for and walked me right to it. He was kind and helpful”.

Josh Benney

“Good people! Understanding and helpful staff. Easy to work with! Enjoyed talking and looking to fix my electric tools”.


“I bought used Bostitch air compressor and as an old(er) woman, didn’t know how to use it. After watching some recordings on YouTube and reading about it; I was not even sure if the compressor was working. I brought it to Idaho Tool and Equipment, and I was directed to the service desk. Scott (I asked his name later because I was so happy with his help), not only did he check the unit, but he came out of the service place and showed me how to use it. What a wonderful help. He also without asking him, took the compressor to my car. What a gentleman! A knowledgeable, helpful gentleman! What a wonderful experience, people, and place! Thank you!”.


“Super helpful and friendly staff, the gentleman in the repair and parts is very knowledgeable and really helped me out. I should mention that I have never seen such a selection of tools. They are my new toy shop”.

Shane Hall

“If you want tools that your great grandkids will inherit and still use, buy tools here. Their staff knows what they are doing. Hands down, best place to buy actual quality tools like you used to get”.

Andrew Henry

“Great service, large selection of automotive and construction tools and equipment”.

Phillip Briggs

“This place gets better every time I go in. Best service and product knowledge much like Grovers, way to go Idaho Tool”.

Joe Carson

“Good customer service, fair prices, and mind-boggling selection – impressive inventory of specialty items”.